5 James Bond cocktails (besides the Martini) you must try

One of the most famous cocktails in cinema is undoubtedly the Martini that James Bond takes (“shaken, not stirred”) religiously in all his films.

Almost as famous as the way he says his name, his Aston Martins, his omega and Rolex watches, and his tailored suits, James Bond’s favorite Martini has become synonymous with masculinity and elegance, and it’s common to see to men asking for or preparing one to impress, and deep down also to try to achieve that inexplicable sex appeal of the spy of the most famous MI6 in cinema.

The James Bond character made the Martini an icon (he takes 19 Vodka Martinis and 16 Gin Martinis in the novels of Ian Fleming, and they are more in the movies, in which Daniel Craig becomes the most “alcoholic” Bond by drinking 26 units of alcohol at Casino Royale and an average of 21.5 units per movie. And that will surely increase with No Time to Die), but contrary to popular belief, that is not the only cocktail mentioned in the books. or movies.

The Martini is undoubtedly one of your most famous and favorite cocktails (it’s elegant, simple, classic and masculine, basically James Bond in a glass), but that’s not the only cocktail with the Bond seal of approval, which doesn’t tell not a good drink. Many more cocktails have passed through Bond’s hands in his history and all of them, with the exception of the Vesper Martini, are classic cocktails that you can order in most bars, and that you should know how to prepare.

There are 5 legendary cocktails in James Bond history that you must try and prepare to get into the agent’s shoes (without having to go through life running, chasing villains, and shooting people).

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