New ‘No Time to Die’ video reveals more about Rami Malek’s villain

The new installment of James Bond has become one of the most anticipated films of the year, so fans were disappointed when it was revealed that the film would be postponed just a month after its release, fortunately, it has already received a new release date and to warm up a new video for ‘No Time to Die’ was revealed.

With the arrival of the new trailer for the film, it was confirmed that it will hit theaters at the end of November, however, with the pandemic growing every day, it is not ruled out that the feature film may have a new delay, but for now , this date is kept, so fans can start to get excited again.

‘No Time to Die’, will mark the departure of Daniel Craig from the universe of 007, since after having played James Bond in five films, the time has come for the role to be transferred to another star and it is said that a woman could be the new face of the popular spy, something that has begun to generate high expectations among fans of the franchise.

Being the last interpretation of Craig as the spy, the studio decided to put a villain who was up to the task, so Rami Malek will be Safin, the antagonist of the film, who unlike other enemies of James Bond, will believe that he really is the hero of the story, as revealed by the actor behind the scenes of ‘No Time to Die’

Thus, the new video for ‘No Time to Die’ gives us a new approach to the villain of the film and apparently this will present James Bond with his greatest challenge, so we hope that the feature film will no longer suffer a new delay and may hit theaters in late November.

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