No time to die will break new franchise record for opening scene

No time to die will break new franchise record for opening scene

For the first time in the film saga, the legendary sequence will not star James Bond but the character of Léa Seydoux.

The 007 franchise is one of the oldest in cinema. Since the premiere of his first film, Dr. No, in 1962, he knew how to reinvent himself with new stories. And although the face of James Bond was changing, the saga knew how to maintain its essence for 56 years.

One of its most important features is the opening scene. This was the subject of debate in recent weeks, after The Wall Street Journal announced that No time to die the protagonist would not be part of the iconic sequence in No time to die.

Instead, it will focus on a young Madeleine Swan who closely watches the masked Safin, played by Rami Malek, and how he ends the life of her mother. Without a doubt, a powerful starter that perfectly introduces the new characters in the story.

The news did not leave anyone indifferent, but what several did not know is that the sequence will mark a new record. The reason? The span of time between that prologue and the rest of the story would have spanned more than two decades.

It should be noted that such a long time distance has never been generated as now. The closest experience was Goldeneye, the movie with Pierce Brosnan where only nine years passed.

At the moment we only have to wait for the premiere of No time to die. Not only is this the 25th installment of the franchise, but it will also mark the final farewell of Daniel Craig as the agent. Fans are hoping it will pay tribute to the protagonist and offer a dignified closure to an entire era.

No to die – official synopsis

James Bond is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Jamaica. However, his peace ends when his CIA friend, Felix Leiter, seeks him out for a new mission that involves rescuing an important scientist who has been kidnapped.

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