The sequels that should already have been released in 2020

The sequels that should already have been released
It is not a secret that worldwide the coronavirus has caused havoc in many ways, that includes Hollywood, which has modified its release schedule, this is the list of sequels that were delayed in 2020.

Many of the sequels that were planned at the time have been canceled until 2021, the vast majority.

Hollywood studios love a franchise that they can exploit for all its worth, and sometimes beyond that. No matter how much money they make for it, No Time to Die the simple fact is that they do it because the masses tell them it is the right thing to do beyond their greed.

Sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes tend to be big moneymakers, with franchises like ‘Star Wars’, Marvel, DC, and ‘Fast & Furious’ serving almost as a license to print money, generally grossing hundreds of millions. If not billions of dollars with every new movie.

That’s despite the fact that many of those movies end up dividing the franchise’s fan base, or earning bad reviews. After all, it’s hard to be part of that conversation if you don’t pay to see the movie.

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