All the moons Itziar Ituño (‘La casa de papel’) stars in the new Spanish fantasy film

A world of legends, terror and fantasy set in the Basque Country occurs in All the Moons (2021), Igor Legarreta’s new cinematographic bet that hits theaters on May 14. His second film, after When you stop loving me (2018), stars the Basque actress Itziar Ituño, known for her role as inspector Raquel Murillo in the famous series La casa de papel and which we could also see in the acclaimed Loreak.

Together with her, the actor Jon Sagalá and a very young 13-year-old actress named Haizea Carneros share the screen, who catches all eyes on the screen and makes her premiere in the cinema with this film. The film will be in charge of inaugurating the Bilbao Fantastic Film Festival FANT, which will be held from May 7 to 16, before its premiere in various theaters nationwide.

“It is an epic journey into the light. Those Who Wish Me Dead full movie online A journey from the threshold of death, where the pain of loss feeds the hope of a better life ”, says the director, Igor Legarreta.

Who doesn’t want to be immortal?

All the Moons (Ilargi Guztiak) is a film in which history is mixed with fantasy. Shot entirely in Basque, the film narrates the journey of an orphan girl who has been bewitched and condemned to live forever. Everything begins at the end of the Carlist wars, when the young woman meets a mysterious woman (Itziar Ituño) who lives deep in the forest. It won’t take long for her to discover that this strange being has given her eternal life in exchange for her company.

In his debut, Igor Legarreta Those Who Wish Me Dead 2021 full movie also plays with the mixture of various film genres. Also set in the Basque Country, When you stop loving me stops at one of ETA’s darkest times. The interpretation of Flor Torrente stands out, as she must reexamine her past after the discovery of her father’s corpse. The question is: who was she, how and why?

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