Saw 4: A very confusing movie that at least works as a prequel to Jigsaw

We continue to investigate the Saw franchise, and now we have to focus on “Saw 4”, considered by the public one of the worst films of the franchise. And no wonder, we came from a great final twist in “Saw 3”, and everything pointed to that this time Darren Lynn Bousman was going to throw to explore the legacy of Jigsaw. However, he had a different idea, because for this fourth installment the director chose to develop a novel idea, but at the same time quite pretentious, and why not say it, absurd,

This film takes place chronologically almost at the same time as “Saw 3”, although at first it seems that it does not, Spirit Untamed full movie online since the film begins with Inspector Hoffman taking the cassette that John Kramer had previously swallowed before dying. A decision that if we analyze it well does not make any sense, because it makes the narrative very confusing, and it only occurs so that in the end the typical script twist that we have seen throughout the saga takes place, which seems to be that already there weren’t many ideas.

This is one of the main problems of “Saw 4”, that the ending does not make anything clear, or even worse, that the ending is only understood if we see “Saw 5”, because there are many unknowns. And it is that, the inspector Hoffman becomes the new apprentice of Jigsaw, why? Well, it is not known, because Bousman did not bother to develop the character, and it seems that, like the ending placed at the beginning, it is only done to develop a script twist as crazy as it is absurd and nothing unfounded. Also, what’s the point of Hoffman picking up the Jigsaw cassette at the beginning of the movie, which is actually the end?

To that we must add that it is also not known why the person who is watching Eric Mathews and Mark Hoffman, Art, must wait until the clock runs out to free them both. Yes, he has a trap on his back, but again it is not explained. At least Rigg’s game is not bad, and it shows that obsession that Jigsaw poses to him for wanting to save everyone, but there is no sense in so much run-down and confused narrative that it left all the fans with their mouths open (for the worse) of the saga at the time.

Not to mention how wasted the characters are, Strahm and PĂ©rez have zero development and neither does Darren Lynn Bousman intend to build them for any reason. But the most annoying thing is that they all get together at the end and it doesn’t make much sense on a temporal level either. Could Hoffman and Jigsaw really have it all so orchestrated? It could be, totally, we don’t know anything about him, maybe Hoffman is a mathematical physicist capable of calculating all the variables so that everyone agrees in the same room, at the same time, who knows, nobody knows him.

Any positive part? well, this film tells us a little more in depth the story of John Kramer, who is the only one really convincing with his performance, on the other hand, and we discover how beyond cancer, Kramer had other problems in his life, and the trigger of all this, the murder of his girlfriend’s son while he was still in her womb. The best moment of the film, without a doubt, is Jigsaw’s first trap, simple, rudimentary, and that you perfectly believe is his first work. For the rest, the first game between Art and another character that we don’t know who he is (at least that I remember), where they play a game in which one has his eyes sewn up and the other his mouth closed. It is original. But little else, “Saw 4” is the prelude to the downhill that the saga suffers from now on. Until this fourth installment, the story had a compelling script and twists that, not that they were very surprising, but at least they were well constructed. Here, that part is not taken care of so much and the gore is advocated, which means that, with a little worked history and everything very forced, many people do not understand nor half. Normal.

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