How Kirk Franklin brought the ‘Space Jam’ soundtrack to life

For Kirk Franklin, being a part of “We Win,” the first single from the “Space Jam: A New Legacy” soundtrack, is “really, really, really humbling.” The gospel icon is the owner of 16 Grammy Awards and more than a dozen RIAA plaques for his two decades in the music industry. But being able to work on the soundtrack for the sequel to the 1996 pop culture phenomenon was special.

“This could easily have been a bigger, better-known household name who deserved the opportunity, who earned the opportunity, Space Jam: A New Legacy full movie who could easily have killed the opportunity,” Franklin said in a telephone conversation with The Times, “and have the blessing of Even being part of something like this, these moments don’t come every day for someone who comes from where I come from. I just pray that I can bring [something] inspirational and some hope into the conversation.

He was brought to the project by Evan Lamberg, president of Universal Music Publishing. Franklin heard the beat from Grammy Award-winning producer Just Blaze that the team was struggling to bring to fruition. He asked for the pillars of the track so that he could put his own touch between the drum loops typical of hip-hop production.

“I needed to open it a little bit so I could let it breathe,” Franklin said.

“We Win” is an uplifting hymn driven by a choir, Franklin’s piano, and Atlanta rapper Lil Baby who share motivational words about working together, the power of prayer, staying positive, striving for greatness, and trusting in it. divine timing.

Franklin shared that in the movie, starring Lakers star LeBron James, the song “We Win” is actually longer, about five minutes, compared to the 3:14 runtime of the commercial release.

“It’s an even bigger and more colorful song in the movie,” he said.

He made sure to include a bridge in the same vein as a classic Mariah Carey or Brandy song that evokes a strong sense of emotion. “Whatever you’re going through, we win / We will achieve it together, you and I, we will win / And when the clouds don’t fade / Don’t give up, you’re one step closer, it’s not the end,” the chorus sings. , guided by a wonderful bass line and loud applause.

“There aren’t a lot of bridges anymore,” Franklin said. “So I wanted the song to have a bridge that would lift it up a bit and get you to church really fast.”

“I Believe I Can Fly” was the flagship song of the original “Space Jam.” It peaked at # 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and is certified platinum. It also won R. Kelly three Grammy Awards. The track is now embroiled in controversy as R. Kelly has faced various charges of sexual assault and has fallen out of favor in the eyes of many, including streaming services.

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