Black Widow: cast, release date, trailer, synopsis and where to see the Black Widow movie

On many occasions the release dates vary from one country to another, but luckily Black Widow will not be one of those films for which we have to wait longer to see it than in the United States.

And is that Disney Plus had confirmed that there Scarlett Johansson’s solo film was going to hit theaters and on the platform on July 9, but would it be the same in Spain?

Black Widow release date and where to watch it
Yes, in Spain we will also see the highly Black Widow movie Marvel film on July 9. As with other Disney films, Black Widow will have a simultaneous release in theaters and on Disney Plus, but of course, the latter will come with an extra price.

Although the company has not confirmed how much will be paid for premium access to Black Widow, everything indicates that it will be the same as with Mulan, 21.99 euros. Although who knows, maybe Marvel will give us a pleasant surprise by lowering the “entrance” but it is unlikely.

We knew little about Natasha Romanoff’s life (at least in the MCU). As a child she was recruited and trained to become a spy for the Russian government, becoming the best agent.

However, she would later become a double agent and end up going to the United States to work as Shield’s agent. But what was her life like before she was an Avenger? And what happened to her after Civil War?

In Black Widow we discover that Natasha has a family, or at least the closest thing to one. Two agents, Melina and Alexei, were like her parents when she was little and she grew up with Yelena, another girl who would end up being a Russian spy.

After the events of Civil War, Natasha is on the run but her plans change when she discovers that there is someone plotting against her and she will have to return to her family to help her fight against those who want to end her .

Scarlett Johansson this time is accompanied by Florence Pugh, who plays Yelena, Rachel Weisz as Melina and David Harbor is Alexei aka Red Guardian, something like the “Russian Captain America” ​​and father of the family.

The film also stars Ray Winstone as Draykov and O-T Fagbenle as Mason.

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