‘Jungle Cruise’: Metallica, the heavy metal band, is composing the songs of the film

It must be recognized that this 2020, in addition to catastrophes, is leaving us many surprises and unexpected collaborations and no one can say that the new Disney signing has come. According to Movieweb, the house of the mouse has hired Metallica, yes, the heavy metal band, to work on ‘Jungle Cruise‘, the new film with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt that will be released in summer 2021 after the reorganization of the calendar of premieres.

According to Lars Ulrich, the group’s drummer, they are working closely with JJames Newton Howard, responsible for the soundtrack: “Sean Bailey [president of production at Disney] is a lifelong rock fanatic and is one of the people Biggest, friendliest, most generous, warmest, and most welcoming that you’ll find in the music business. I think he’s always been a Metallica fan and we’ve gotten to know each other well. My wife and I are huge Disney fans so there are a great friendship there, and he was always looking for the right combination where there was a way that Metallica could contribute to some of his projects. ”

Newton Howard, who has been nominated for 8 Oscars for ‘The Forest’ or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ among others, and seems to be adapting the band’s compositions very well to the style of the film: “James Newton Howard! , the man, the myth, the absolute legend! Considering what he has done, it is an absolute honor to have collaborated with him and we are excited for the world to hear him, “adds Ulrich,” It’s kind of an interesting transformation, because it’s a bit, and I don’t want to reveal too much, a very unusual transformation, as it’s kind of an arrangement of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ that we’re playing. We wrote the song, but he took it and rearranged it to fit something. specific in the movie, and obviously I’m not going to reveal any of that, but then we kind of liked his version more. I think that’s all that should be said. “

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